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Demystifying Bitcoin Mining: Unveiling the Secrets Behind the Digital Gold Rush


Buying a Bitcoin miner machine is the best way to profit from the cryptocurrency market. Before purchasing the appropriate mining hardware, you must obtain the necessary information in this field from reputable authorities to purchase with sufficient knowledge.


This tutorial will rank the best and best Bitcoin mining miners based on different aspects. Generally, other mining devices are ranked based on their hash rate, energy consumption, operating temperature, and the algorithms they mine. In the final part of this article, we will answer some common questions in this field in the FAQ section. Stay with us.



How is Bitcoin mining?

Like many other digital currencies, Bitcoin is distributed and run over a decentralized computer network (ledger). Transactions are tracked on this same blockchain network. When the existing Bitcoin miner in the network verifies and processes transactions, a new Bitcoin is created or mined. Miners process transactions over the network in exchange for receiving bitcoins. With each transaction, a block is added to the existing blockchain. Bitcoin miners compete to solve complex mathematical problems using powerful hardware. To complete the mining process, miners must calculate the most correct or closest answer to the question. The process of guessing the integer (hash) is known as the proof-of-work index. Miners obtain the target hash by randomly assuming in the shortest possible time, which requires much computing power. The more miners join the network, the more complex and challenging the computation process becomes.

What is Bitcoin miner?

As mentioned in the previous section, the Bitcoin miner processes network transactions by solving complex mathematical problems and receiving Bitcoin currency in exchange. As the price of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin has increased in recent years, interest in mining this cryptocurrency has risen significantly.



Criteria for Choosing Bitcoin mining devices


Miners play a role in securing the network by mining digital currency. Cryptocurrency farms (mining operations) differ in price, size, scale, performance, and efficiency. Mining operation systems include at least one of these: Central Processing Unit (CPU), Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), or Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). The hardware price, energy consumption, and hash rate are the most important factors when setting up mining operations.


Best Cryptocurrency Mining Devices 2023


When choosing hardware for cryptocurrency mining, you should consider factors such as price, productivity, and the hash rate of the device. In this part of the article, we will mention some of the best miners on the market.


Antminer S19 Pro from Bitmine brand


Bitmine is launching the new Ant-Meier series of miners in conventional and Pro models. This variety has allowed users to purchase suitable devices according to their needs. The S19 pro 110th Ant Miner from Bitmine brand, with a processing power of 110 trash/second, is one of the most potent miners currently on the market. The power consumption of this device is 3250 watts, which is an acceptable consumption against this hash rate. The S19 Pro miners use 7nm chipsets, dramatically increasing their speed and performance. Also, with the up-to-date AIR FORCE technology in their cooling system, these miners prevent the device from getting hot and increase the amount of electricity consumed well.


Features of the Antminer S19 Pro

Along with solid hardware and reasonable power consumption, a PSU is used in designing and manufacturing the Antminer S19 Pro Bitcoin miner that, prevents the user from purchasing a power supply.





Whatsminer M50 series mining machine from MicroBT brand


The Whatsminer M50 series miner of the MicroBT brand is a powerful Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) miner operating with the SHA-256 algorithm. The device uses ASIC MINER MARKET's 5nm technology in its chips. MICROBT, which manufactures this device, is one of the largest blockchain technology companies famous for producing mining equipment.


 Whatsminer M50 series mining machine from MicroBT brand such as



Miner Machine WHATSMINER M30S++

The Whatsminer M30S++, made by MicroBT Company, is a cryptocurrency mining miner that works with the SHA-256 algorithm. Like previous devices, this miner is an ASIC (mining) device that can mine various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.


Miner Facilities WHATSMINER M30S++

The extraction power of this device is 112 TH/s and consumes about 3472 watts of electricity per hour. The consumption voltage of this miner is 12 volts, and its cooling system consists of two fans. 



Where to buy a Bitcoin miner?

Bitcoin mining ardor is pervasive today. , it is best to use ASIC miners—another thing you need to pay attention to is the device's legality. Due to the strict regulations in this area, be careful that the purchase of illegal devices is not recommended at all. The next thing to choose the right miner is the type of currency you want to mine. The technical characteristics of the miner, the amount of funds you want to invest in this way, and the device's brand are other points you should consider before buying. You can visit the AryaMiner stores approved by the Ministry of Safety to buy the appropriate device. Consultation with experts in this field and inquiring about the validity of the store before buying are among other points that you should pay attention to.



What is the best home miner machine?


The following miners are good choices for home use and setting up digital currency farms.


  • Antminer S19 Pro
  • WhatSminer M30S+
  • WhatsMiner M31



Is Bitcoin Mining Possible Without a Device?

bitcoin mining app

Now, due to the difficulty of the network and the activity of a large number of people in this field, you must use ASIC devices to extract.


Predicting the future price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin had a rough first half of the year, but experts continue to say the currency will hit the $100,000 mark in the future. It just depends on the time. Despite recent volatility and price declines, many experts continue to say that Bitcoin is on its way to crossing the $100,000 mark. However, there is some disagreement over exactly when that will happen. A recent study by Deutsche Bank found that about a quarter of bitcoin investors believe the price of bitcoin will reach more than $110,000 in the next five years.

Final Word

The hardware of cryptocurrency miners continues to change, and devices with higher hash rates are being produced. The best miners have high hash rates and low energy consumption. However, the profitability of mining operations, in addition to the power consumption and hardware of the device, depends on the electricity in your area and the day price of Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Mining Devices Hash Rate


The amount of computing and processing power given to the network through mining is called the HashRate. Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain. The Bitcoin network is formed by blocks that form an interdependent chain. Blocks look like files containing information about the latest transactions made across the web. Smaller blocks require fewer processing resources for validation; larger blocks need more. In this situation, the hashing comes into action. Verifying the integrity of network transactions is known as "hashing" a partnership, and Bitcoin currency is given to network participants as a reward. Miners predict their rate of profit by calculating the hash rate. However, since cryptocurrencies are mined with different types of equipment, each machine's hash rate varies. As different processing speeds, memory, and power levels are required for mining, the network's hash rate increases with the upgrading of mining equipment.

 bitcoin Electricity

How Much Energy Does Bitcoin Actually Consume?


The Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index is Digiconomist. It takes 1449 kWh of electricity to perform a Bitcoin transaction (with current grid hardness). That's equivalent to the average 50-day consumption of a family in the United States.



The method of calculating the cost of consumed electricity

The profitability of Bitcoin mining is a very complex matter. Many factors and variables can affect your income. Electricity consumption and costs are among the most important. Paying electricity bills is an essential cost as well as a critical factor for determining the profitability of fracking in the long term. Many large-scale mining operations are launched at specific locations only due to low energy prices. To calculate the cost of each miner, you can predict the final cost by having the amount of power consumed by the device (usually listed in the device specifications section) and multiplying it by the unit price. For example, suppose your miner consumes 3.25 kilowatts of electricity per hour. In that case, you can calculate the amount of electricity the miner uses by multiplying that number by the hours of the day. Next, multiply the number obtained by the base price per kWh and get the final cost.



Why is it important to pay attention to the rate of return on investment?

ROI is a trade term common in the investment world and used to predict past and future profitability. The higher the ROI, the higher the success rate of that business. Any business can only succeed if it manages its costs intelligently and accurately calculates ROI. Accurate calculation of the rate of return on capital can prevent bankruptcy and potential losses.


Is Bitcoin Mining Worth It?


Profit is the most significant incentive to enter the mining market. If your one Bitcoin mining cost is less than the current price of Bitcoin, mining allows you to collect bitcoins at a discount. In other words, if the current Bitcoin price is $20,000 and you can mine 1 Bitcoin for a total cost of $15,000, then you will have a 25% profit margin. This process is the same as buying Bitcoin at 25% less than the market price.


There is certainly a lot of money to be made in this industry. The daily revenue of miners exceeds $18.8 million, bringing the total to $6.87 billion annually. As mentioned above, the industry is incredibly competitive, making earning a lot of money challenging.

bitcoin mining


The environment required for Bitcoin mining


Before choosing the right miner, you must ensure that you have an environment for the correct execution of mining operations. This environment is summed up to four primary conditions:


Power capacity: Most modern miners require a 220-volt outlet. Fortunately, the power voltage in Iran is 220 volts, unlike the US and Europe. Still, if you don't have any 220V outlet available, one solution is to hire a specialist electrician to install a 220-volt outlet. Any non-safe way that endangers your health is not recommended at all. Unfortunately, using a 110-volt to 220-volt converter will not work.

Internet connection: Every miner needs a fixed internet connection. This can be achieved best with an Ethernet cable directly connected to the router. Fortunately, these cables are long enough, meaning the router doesn't need to be close to the miner. You can also use WiFi, but the wireless network connection must be more reliable.

Airflow/Cooling: Miners generate a lot of heat. This is the first law of thermodynamics: the energy consumed by the miner is not dissipated but converted into heat. In this way, proper ventilation and fans are needed to help air circulation. Even better, you can control the heat to keep your garage or basement warm in the winter and hit it with a double arrow.

Noise reduction: Miners not only produce a lot of heat, but also very high noise. A device can produce 70-80 dB (dB) of noise. Most miners can even reach 90db. That's even the sound of the lawnmower or the drill you use to pierce the wall. It is advisable to put your miners in a soundproof enclosure to muffle their noise, or at least leave them in a separate, remote room so that you and your neighbors are not bothered by the noise.



Choosing the Right Miner

The first decision you must make after committing to Bitcoin mining is which devices or devices you will mine with. Here we look at all the factors you need to consider when deciding.


Like many things, you can save a lot of money by buying secondhand devices instead of entirely new ones.


Fortunately, there is a booming peer-to-peer market for secondhand miners. However, they're not easily found on the Internet. It is best to look for purchases on Telegram groups, other messaging platforms, or social networks. Of course, remember that these secondary markets for miners can be scams, so buying only from verified sellers is advisable.


What types of machines you should search for depends on your appetite for risk and environmental factors.


How bitcoin mining works

Cryptocurrency mining methods have changed and improved since the past. Below we will review standard extraction methods from scratch to date.


Extraction of GPU

This mining model uses one or more graphics cards to mine crypto. A "mining rig" is a computer with one or more advanced graphics cards. This type of mining has a high cost due to the high price of graphics hardware. Using graphics cards is an excellent way to mine many cryptocurrencies, but there are better options for mining Bitcoin due to the lack of power than GPU miners.


CPU extraction


This method uses the computer's central processing unit for extraction. In the past, CPU mining was the most accessible option for mining cryptocurrency because all you needed was a computer. But this method is not recommended today because CPUs need more processing power than ASIC miners.



Cloud mining


In cloud mining, a company extracts cryptocurrency for your money. In this way, instead of buying a mining machine yourself, you rent a miner. The company in question pays you the profit received after deducting the repair, maintenance, and electricity costs.


Mining pools


In mining pools, a group of miners work together to start mining. This way, miners have a better chance of mining new blocks. In individual Bitcoin mining, your options are shallow. Most mining pools require ASIC or GPU miners.



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