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Updated price : 6/May/2024
Updated price : 6/May/2024

Fog Hashing C1 Asic immersion cooling kit

The C1 Kit with Dry Cooler Immersion Kit by FogHashing sounds excellent. And it's interesting to know that the ULTRA Variant is specifically designed to perform better in hot climates. It's always important to consider environmental factors when choosing a product, and it's great to see that FogHashing has taken that into account with its ULTRA Variant.

Fog Hashing C1 Tank Specification
  • Outer Size :410(L)*354(W)*536(H)mm
  • Inner Size : 200(L)*297(W)*392(H)mm
  • Net Weight: 35.5kg/78lb
  • Coolant Volume: 40L
  • Input Voltage: Single-Phase 200-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power: 140W(220V 50Hz)
  • Display: 1.32” OLED Screen
  • Noise: 45dB(A)@10m
  • Flow: 27L/min
  • Inlet/Outlet Temp: 45/60°C
  • Qty of Miner(s): (1*S19/S21) or (1*M50/M60)
  • Ambient Temperature: -25~55°C

The tolerance temperature of the mining machine
is different, this range is only a reference

Fog Hashing C1 Dry Cooler (EC Fan) Specification
  • Outer Size: 580(L)*285(W)*531(H)mm
  • Power : 5-200W (220V 50Hz)
  • Input Voltage :200-240V 50/60Hz Single-Phase
  • Net Weight: 24kg/53lb
  • Cooling Capacity: 6kW@35°C
  • Noise:65dB(A)@10m
  • EC Fan: 1 pcs

Intelligent Speed Tuning: Automatically adjust the
speed according to the

  • Pipeline 5m - 2 pcs : Fan Simulator - 2 pcs
  • Oil Filling Pump - 1 set : Miner Handle - 2 pcs
  • Gasket - 6 pcs: Sticker - 1 pcs
  • User Manual - 1 pcs

Fog Hashing C1 Immersion Cooling Kit

Designed For Asic Home Mining

• C1 is the all-in-one immersion cooling kit for home and office mining.
• Support one mining rig inside.

Quiet and Running Stable

Connected to work outdoors, the dry cooler exhibits minimal noise.
• Precise temperature control results in a low damage rate.
• Operating stably and long-term, with almost no maintenance.

Efficient Cooling and Overclocking

A much higher cooling efficiency than air cooling.
• Support 20-50% overclocking.
• Work well in extremely high-temperature environments.

Automatic Adjustment and status Monitoring

• loT sensors can help monitor the running status.
• Adjusting the PID algorithm enables automatic control of the inlet liquid temperature.

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